The Importance of Service & Maintenance

J & E Hall’s Director of Applied Refrigeration and Service Business, Peter McAllister, sets out the help available to refrigeration plant managers in food processing as change continues at a pace in the industry.

At J & E Hall we understand that with the service and maintenance of refrigeration equipment no one size fits all and we work closely with our customers to ensure that their specific site requirements are met.

Forming partnerships with customers gives us a better understanding of the demands of site restrictions, allows for greater energy efficiencies and the end game of a more cost effective production and cold storage operation.

We service a wide range of systems including those running on ammonia, HFCs, CO2 and hydrocarbons.

There are a number of basic steps that site refrigeration managers must take to keep on top of service and maintenance.  Good record keeping must be a key part of any service and maintenance programme.

This will assist the engineer in diagnosing problems and help them in their decision making.

Main components will always require regular monitoring and inspection. The last thing a busy operation needs is for production to come to a halt because of issues with compressors, valves, pumps or coils.

A planned service and maintenance programme will help prevent this from happening and remove much of the stress.

We have ten branches throughout England, Scotland and Wales and our engineers are available 24-7 at each of our ten service centres to respond to service and maintenance call-outs.

This allows us to react quickly when a problem happens and gives the customer the security that an experienced engineer will soon be on hand.

With over 60 engineers and 12 apprentices available nationwide we are proud of our long standing and  growing national presence.