HallScrew Compressor Packs

Complete compressor package using HallScrew single screw technology

J & E Hall supply the HallScrew compressor as a complete package with oil management system and controller for installing into a refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pump system.

Standard HallScrew compressors feature high efficiency slide valves to control capacity. Alternatively, we offer inverter technology which reduces power input to gain even higher

HallScrew compressor packs offer wide ranging cooling capacities for the most varied applications. Customers have the confidence in our compressor pack technology from deep freezing through to standard refrigeration. Our packs are installed world-wide in retail, brewing, process plant, petrochemical and pharmaceutical applications.

Standard features:

  • HallScrew single screw compressor
  • IP23 2 pole electric drive motor
  • Control voltage 110V
  • Spacer coupling with guard
  • Electronic controller
  • Suction strainer and non-return valve
  • Horizontal oil separator
  • Oil management system
  • High pressure safety cut out (electro-mechanical)
  • PED certification
HallScrew Compressor Packs

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