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job role flow chart on a fuseboard for a electrical applications engineer position.

JOB OPPORTUNITY - Electrical Applications Engineer,...

Coulstock and Place is a wholly owned subsidiary of J & E Hall and provides...

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front of a ventilation unit on a white background.

Extended Range of Digital Scroll Condensing Units

  J & E Hall has updated and extended its range of digital single...

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picture of delifresh company where J&E Hall installed refrigeration unit.

Delifresh choose J & E Hall condensing units

Eleven J & E Hall condensing units are serving a specialist fresh food...

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ventilation unit with its door open showing the inside of the unit.

Additional CCUs achieve ECA status

J & E Hall series 3 & 4 (large and twin casing) medium temperature...

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padlock with circuit board imagery to represent Cyber Essentials certification.

Cyber Essentials certification for J & E Hall

J & E Hall is pleased to announce that is has successfully achieved...

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close up view of chocolates and cakes to represent J&E Hall's food industry sector.

J & E Hall condensing units installed by dessert supplier

Two J & E Hall Fusion commercial condensing units are at the heart of a new...

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