R404A refrigerant phase out ban comes into force 1st Jan 2020, are you ready?

J & E Hall offer comprehensive support to assist customers in the food processing sector with changes in HFC phasedown legislation.  We have recently installed new low GWP ammonia refrigeration chillers at a UK food producer, which replaces obsolete equipment running on phased out refrigerant.

F-Gas regulations came into force in January 2015, banning R22 refrigerant, which was just the beginning of a raft of changes having a lasting effect on the food processing sector.

Changes to European regulations mean that many of the HFC refrigerants widely used as replacements for CFCs and HCFCs are in the process of being phased out.  The revised F-Gas regulations aim to reduce HFC emissions from an estimated 90 million tonnes, CO2 equivalent in 2005, to 35 million tonnes, CO2 equivalent by 2030.












R404A can be used until the end of 2019 but production levels are decreasing rapidly with price and availability becoming a big issue for end users.  Recovered or reclaimed R404a can be used until the end of 2030, then all replacement R404a will be banned. After 1 Jan 2020, virgin R404A will not be permitted for maintenance and servicing. 

Due to the refrigerant phase-out laws J & E Hall has replaced refrigeration equipment at a number of world leading food facilities, including a major UK food storage and distribution company.  Design and Contracts Manager Will Harrison said “We have helped one client cut their cold store energy bills by more than 20% with the introduction of a new ammonia refrigeration system including three J & E Hall compressor packs.

The 100,000sqft cold store handles meat products from across the world which need to be kept at -21°C.  The previous plant needed updating as it ran on phased-out refrigerant and was not equipped to deal with the demands of the new regulations.”

J & E Hall offer comprehensive support to assist customers in the food processing sector with changes in HFC phasedown legislation including:

  • HFC drop-in replacements for R404A
  • New equipment and systems with a choice of natural low GWP refrigerants (ammonia, CO2, HC & HFO) and heat recovery option
  • Integration with renewable energy sources for minimum carbon footprint
  • Low primary refrigerant charge chillers/systems
  • Cold storage and heat recovery units
  • Fixed speed and variable speed drive, primary and secondary refrigerant systems, integrated for best performance under any operating condition.