Natural refrigerants for Natures Way

When Natures Way (a leading supplier of packaged fresh fruit and salads) built a new processing facility, a refrigeration system using a natural refrigerant was a critical part of the design criteria.

All of Natures Way products are fresh and the company strives to build a business that is in harmony with its environment. Where practical produce is sourced locally and the same ethos was applied to the state of the art central Ammonia/Glycol refrigeration plant supplied by J & E Hall.

The cooling is supplied from a plant room built by J & E Hall which includes two HallScrew HSO 2035 open drive single screw compressor packs, each sized to provide 60% of the total cooling duty and fitted with a Fridgewatch compressor controller, two evaporative condensers, two stainless steel plate heat exchanger packs - ammonia flooded evaporators sized for 60% duty. These indirectly cool the water with a 25% propylene glycol solution which is ultimately used as the secondary cooling medium.

Reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions, energy costs, maintenance and overall costs long term were essential criteria for Natures Way.  As a result one of the compressor motor packs is driven by a variable speed drive (VSD) for more efficient capacity control.