Key role for J & E Hall units at bakery

Six J & E Hall Fusion commercial condensing units are playing a key role at a Cumbrian bakery which suffered a devastating fire last year. Carlisle-based Lakeland Bake had built up a good reputation supplying crumpets to national supermarket chains and other retail outlets over the years. As well as a range of classic nutritious crumpets – characterised by their light and crispy texture – they also pioneered popular Christmas tree-shaped crumpets supplied to Asda.

The J & E Hall equipment was chosen for the two yeast chiller rooms and the vitally important area where crumpets have to be carefully cooled under controlled conditions to ensure optimum quality prior to packing.

For each of the two yeast coldrooms a JEHR-0140-B2 M-1 Fusion medium condensing unit was chosen to work in tandem with a Searle KEC25-4L evaporator. The installation work was carried out over a two-month period by Carlisle Refrigeration.

Contracts Manager Paul Ferguson said "As far as J & E Hall units are concerned we have always found them to be very reliable.  They are very easy to work on and components are easy to access. Parts are readily available off the shelf should they ever be needed."

In the crumpet cooling area four J & E Hall JEH2-1000-M-3 Fusion twin-fan condensing units were teamed with Searle DSR 1000-3 dual discharge evaporators. "There were no issues with the job, everything went according to plan," said Paul. The units were supplied by FSW of Preston.