J & E Hall Gold Medal Winner

Thomas Watson has been presented with the Institute of Refrigeration's J & E Hall Gold Medal in recognition of his groundbreaking work to improve the efficiency of chillers and industrial heat pumps. This included the introduction of large capacity oil-free magnetic bearing compressors, the first centrifugal chiller with zero-ozone depleting potential and the safe application of low GWP flammable refrigerants.

Mr Watson was presented with the Gold Medal at the IOR Annual Dinner in London. He said he was surprised and delighted to receive the prestigious award: "It was overwhelming. I really didn't expect to it.  

“For anything you do, you depend on your co-workers, your family, supervisors and people that help you. This is not just for me. To be singled out is a tremendous honour and sometimes I don't feel worthy because of all the things people have done before that I have built on."

The 72-year-old father of two started his career in the heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigeration industry 45 years ago. He was a key contributor in the development of dual compressor centrifugal chillers. The benefits of this technology are energy saving and low installation costs. United States patent number 4,248,054 was issued to Mr Watson for the multiple compressor load balancing control used with dual compressor centrifugal chillers.