J & E Hall Fusion system installed at ice cream plant

A J & E Hall Fusion Commercial Condensing Unit is a key component in a new cooling system at a flourishing Italian ice cream manufacturing business. Gelato.Cool Ltd of Lincoln chose the JEH2-0400-L-3 unit for its walk-in freezer which stores gelato ice cream.

Gelato.Cool needed a new walk-in freezer to cope with the demands of a growing business.Director of Gelato.Cool Mark Weston said: “Reliability and efficiency are important for us and the new Fusion unit works well. It is very quiet, hugely efficient and represents good value for money. It keeps the freezer at a constant -22°C for deep life storage.”

Milby Group Managing Director, who designed and built the freezer said: “We were delighted to be offered the chance to build the new freezer room and we have to make sure that the equipment we use is reliable and does all it should. The Fusion unit was our first choice.”

J & E Hall offers an extensive range of medium and low temperature reciprocating and scroll-housed commercial condensing units using R404a. The acoustically-lined Fusion range houses a reciprocating compressor which is fitted with a compressor jacket to further reduce noise.

At Gelato.Cool all the ice cream is made in-house with specially imported machinery from Italy. The company has more than 160 Napoli tins of ice cream in storage containing around 1000 litres of ice cream. Production is demand driven and gelato is manufactured in advance of the summer months to cope with the peak season.

Gelato.Cool supplies ice cream to restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs in the Lincoln area. “Many of our customers are Italians who run patisseries and coffee shops,” Mark explained. “We also do quite a lot of business in the area serving at festivals and outdoor events. Gelaterias are very much in their infancy in the UK but in Italy you are likely to find one every 50 yards or so in the main street.”