J & E Hall ambient beer cooler the toast of a Cotswold pub

J & E Hall's ambient beer cooler is helping a traditional Cotswold village pub to save money on its energy bills. The unit was installed at the Old Fleece, a former 18th Century coaching inn at Rooksmoor, near Stroud. The Old Fleece is part of the Cotswold Food Club's pubs and hotel portfolio. 

The Cotswold Food Club conducted an energy efficiency survey at the Old Fleece and Tim suggested installing a J & E Hall ambient beer cooler. It was decided to locate the cooler in the cellar, which is above ground, where it was installed to operate in tandem with the existing J & E Hall Cellar Cooler, previously installed by TK Refrigeration. The ambient beer cooler unit was supplied by the Gloucester branch of FSW.

TK Refrigeration's managing director Tim Rogers and senior engineer Chris Pass carried out the installation. "I think the ambient beer cooler is a marvellous idea”, said Tim. “By fitting one you can extend the life of a main refrigeration system because it's not having to work so hard. I also like the simplicity of the machine and the fact that you are cutting down on global warming because you are using Mother Nature to do a job. My whole ethos is about energy efficiency. As a company and an individual I believe in making everything as eco-friendly as I can make it."

The J & E Hall ambient beer cooler cuts in when outside temperatures fall to 10°C and below which means it will be busy for most months of the year. Energy costs are a major issue for the pub and restaurant trade and it is estimated that up to a quarter of a pub's energy bill is accounted for by its refrigeration requirements.


view of a pub's bar counter with beer taps to represent J&E Hall's ambient beer cooler. view of a J&E Hall ambient beer cooler installed at a pub.
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