Fusion units installed at Delifresh in Bradford

Five J & E Hall Fusion Commercial Condensing Units have been installed in Bradford at Delifresh, a specialist supplier of fresh produce and delicatessen products to the catering industry.

The installer of the new cooling equipment for the project has a long-standing business relationship with J & E Hall. This was recognised by Delifresh, when it commissioned them to install the equipment at its premises. With a total of more than 8500 cubic metres of cooled spaces, each having its own temperature requirements, the job presented some interesting challenges requiring equally creative engineering solutions.

Contracts Manager for the installer says “Over the years we have found that there is usually a product from the extensive J & E Hall range that is right for the job. This is great for smaller companies such as ours because it allows the installation of top spec equipment at a price that is acceptable to the customer. Price isn’t everything, of course. The equipment has to work and quite simply we don’t get any problems with J & E Hall thanks to the build quality and level of support they provide.”

The project for Delifresh called for a number of units to be installed to achieve the correct temperature requirements for cooled areas of differing sizes. Installed indoors were two 8.25 horsepower JEH2-0825-L-3 Fusion units for the 10.4m x 6.3m -20°C freezer. Two ten horsepower JEH2-1000-M-3 Fusion units were installed outdoors for the 30.7m x 12.8m pre-pack area together with a single three horsepower JEHS-0300-M-3 Fusion unit for the 6.78m x 5m chilled store.

“The J & E Hall Fusion units we installed have inbuilt sound insulation for the cabinet and the compressors, so are particularly quiet, with the loudest of them being no more than 42 Db(A), even at full load.

“Another bonus of selecting this particular equipment for use in a busy location such as Bradford is the blue anti-corrosion coating seen on the condenser fins. In the long term this will obviously extend the working life of the equipment but in normal use it also helps to improve condenser efficiency.”