Fusion set the standard at Brazilian bar and grill

The Fazenda Rodizio Bar and Grill chain is known for its traditional Brazilian dining and offers a superb range of meat dishes. This dining experience has its roots in 19th century southern Brazil where gauchos pierced large pieces of meat and grilled them over open-flamed pits. The chain keeps this tradition alive at its restaurants in the UK and the Fazenda Rodizio Bar and Grill in Liverpool is the newest and the largest example.

Food and drink with a Brazilian twist is served in some style, so cooling plays an important role and has to match the same high standards. To achieve this, four J & E Hall Fusion Condensing Units – and a J & E Hall cellar cooler – have been installed to support the cold rooms and freezer.

The installers were Leeds-based GRS Refrigeration, and the distributors were FSW Refrigeration. To handle the demands of a large restaurant and bar GRS Refrigeration was asked to install three cold rooms and a freezer – the temperature requirements vary from between 1.5°C to -22°C – and the cellar cooling system.

J & E Hall Fusion Condensing Units are an ideal solution for commercial refrigeration jobs where noise, size and reliability are paramount. Housed in a cabinet made of electro-galvanised mild steel, with anti-corrosion treatment and coated in baked polyester powder paint, the compact size of the units and the ease of fitting made them a good choice for the Fazenda Rodizio Bar and Grill.

Andrew Pinder of GRS concluded: “The J & E Hall units proved to be the right choice. Installation was relatively straightforward and the systems offer good value for money. The restaurant is fantastic. We celebrated the completion of the project with a meal. It could not have been better.”