Cellar Cooler Installed at Lakeside Bar

The Boaters Bar by Lake Windermere at Bowness in the Lake District is enjoying the benefits of a versatile, reliable and cost-effective J & E Hall cellar cooler.  The JCC cellar cooler was the number one choice for the popular cask ale and gin bar at the Windermere Marina Village.

Working with dispense system specialists Innvictus Bar and Cellar Services, ABC Direct of Great Harwood, Lancashire, was asked to complete a fast and efficient cellar cooler install over a weekend to meet the high pressure demands of opening the refurbished bar on time. The JCC cellar cooler proved easy to install when the contractor was up against the clock.

The compact unit in the stylish, above ground cellar helps to ensure that a selection of up to six cask ales – including the locally-brewed Northern Monkey Party Boy and Film Club Keg and Cask ales – are kept in prime condition at temperatures between 10 to 12°C. Lager, cider and stouts are stored in the cellar where bottled and canned beers are also kept.

ABC DirecTV’s director and senior engineer Andy Sherrington said: “We’ve learned that finding a cellar cooling installer for many pubs and bars that will correctly size the cellar and specify the correct equipment can sometimes be difficult. We try to ensure that we do a comprehensive site survey and explain to the customer about potential heat gains in the cellar that have to be accounted for relating to beer line coolers, ice makers and post mix machines.

“Wall construction, windows, lighting and the number of door openings a day are other elements that have to be considered to ensure landlords and bar owners get the best results from their cellar cooling system.”

The JCC cellar cooler range offers cost effective and reliable units designed to maintain temperatures required for beer and wine cellars. The ability of electronic control down to 4°C can also prolong the life of fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, dairy products and other items requiring a temperature controlled environment.

Andy Sherrington, who has 30 years’ experience installing cellar cooling systems, added: “The new cellar looks fabulous at the Boaters’ Bar. A window behind the bar allows customers to see where the beer is kept and there’s also backlighting to show the cellar detail in this modern refurbishment.

“We mainly specify J & E Hall cellar coolers as they are cost-effective, reliable and low noise. This is invaluable in a lot of smaller micropubs and bars we work in. Having a wide range of options from J & E Hall means that we never have to compromise by installing something too large or too small to get the best results. The J & E Hall after-sales service is great and their cellar coolers offer trouble-free installation. A JCC cellar cooler was the perfect choice for the Boaters Bar.”

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