An ice job for J & E Hall

New refrigeration plant boosts freezing efficiencies for Guildford’s ice rink.

Councils across the UK are in the process of ensuring their ice rinks are refrigerant compliant by the end of this year when the ban on recycled and virgin HCFC comes into force. Guildford Spectrum in Surrey has already successfully completed its own migration away from R22 plant by replacing its aged refrigeration plant with an Ammonia chiller from J & E Hall.

The ice rink alone generates revenue in excess of £2 million. So when Freedom Leisure who manages the facility on behalf of Guildford Borough Council started planning a replacement for an aged chilling plant that was incurring substantial maintenance bills, legislative compliance, sustainability, energy efficiency and longevity were key drivers.

Alan Hankin, Ice and Bowl Manager at Guildford Spectrum says, “Freedom Leisure was keen to address its own as well as the council’s environmental objectives whilst taking advantage of the energy saving and environmental properties a modern refrigerant system could offer.”

A dual circuit 350kW Ethylene glycol Ammonia chiller designed and manufactured by J & E Hall was specified, with optional Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for capacity control to enhance the performance of the chiller at part load. The VFD option can help reduce running costs by as much as 25% with an attractive 18-month payback.

“Ammonia is one of the most efficient refrigerants,” says Alan. “We have seen other rinks benefitting from the energy savings and the zero GWP (Global Warming Potential) and ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) satisfies any environmental concerns.”

Ammonia’s excellent thermodynamic properties, a high COP (Coefficient of Performance), low energy requirements ensures that it is the refrigerant of choice for a wide range of industries including food processing and preservation industries, chemical, pharmaceutical industries as well as hospitals.