Ambient Beer Cooler excels at refurbished pub

J & E Hall's new ambient beer cooler is helping a refurbished pub to achieve significant energy savings. The unit is part of the newly-installed cellar cooling system at the Dog and Partridge in Packmoor, Stoke-on-Trent. This traditional neighbourhood pub, which dates back to 1912, had closed for more than a year but was recently reopened after a major project by renovation specialists Caldmore Taverns. The Shropshire-based company, run by Mark and Debbie Bird, and son Daniel, has a growing portfolio of restored and refurbished pubs.

Andy Griffiths of AMG Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, who has worked on several other Caldmore pub projects, teamed up the ambient beer cooler with a JCC2 40E Cellar Cooler, a 4.05kw system, capable of operating down to 4°C. He set the system to run at 12°C, the ideal temperature for the range of eight cask-conditioned ales currently stocked by the pub. The equipment was supplied by FSW of Stoke-on-Trent.

The J & E Hall ambient beer cooler, which makes use of free cooling during the colder months, can cut energy bills by up to 40 per cent. When the outside temperature is low enough, typically under 8°C, the fan-based cooler brings cold air into the cellar to reduce the temperature, switching off the main refrigeration system in the process, cutting energy bills and saving money.

The Dog and Partridge installation was the first time that Andy had installed one of the new J & E Hall ambient beer coolers and he described the job as straightforward. After attending the pub's recent reopening he reported: "Everything is up and running with no problems. The fit and finish of the beer cooler is good. I have never had an issue with any of the J & E Hall units and I have put in plenty of them."

view of an ambient beer cooler installed at a pub. staff member of pub leaning on counter to represent J&E Hall's ambient beer coolers.
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