A service station with a difference

Twelve J & E Hall Fusion Scroll Commercial Condensing Units have been installed at an innovative British motorway service station on the M5 offering locally-sourced food rather than the usual service station fare. The refrigeration system supports four multi-deck display cabinets, two dual-station display cabinets, a butcher’s display case and delicatessen display case – together with two back-up cold rooms and a freezer.

The Gloucester Gateway motorway service station which opened last year on the northbound carriageway between junctions 11a and 12, takes roadside catering to a new level. It offers a wide range of snacks and refreshments including homemade cakes, hand-baked pies, regional cheeses, wild boar sausage rolls, prepared on a farm a few miles away, and sushi created by a local fishmonger.

As well as the butchery counter and a patisserie, there is a restaurant but there are no chain coffee shops, fast-food outlets, gambling machines or video games. The service station, owned and operated by family firm Westmorland, works with 130 suppliers based within 30 miles of the site and another 70 from the wider south-west of England. The Cumbrian-based business specialises in offering locally based services for drivers on the UK’s motorway network.

A first class refrigeration system is key to the success of the catering operation at Gloucester Gateway. Dorset-based Refrigeration, Sales and Rentals Ferndown, working with cabinet suppliers Creative Retail Solutions, installed the chilling and freezing equipment. The distributor of the condensing units was Thermofrost Cryo.

RSR Ferndown director Mark Gay said: “The new service station is very impressive – it’s a beautiful place to stop during motorway driving. In some respects every job is a challenge but this one proved to be most enjoyable and one I could really get into as an engineer.”

The Fusion Scroll commercial refrigeration units were ideal for the job. Mark said: “We chose the J & E Hall units because we like their reliability, low noise and good build quality. We have used a lot of J & E Hall equipment in recent years. The units are so easy to fit. I much prefer this J & E Hall plug and play package over conventional commercial condensing units – it saves so much time during installation.”

view of a meat counter where J&E Hall installed a refrigeration system. view of a deli counter where J&E Hall installed a refrigeration system. view of J&E Hall fusion scroll commercial condensing units installed at a motorway service station.
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