HSS Semi-hermetic Compressors

J & E Hall supply a comprehensive range of semi hermetic single screw compressors for medium and high temperature applications.  The compressor only has three basic moving parts which results in balanced compression with no power loss and minimum bearing loads. All units are designed and tested to international standards and offer a wide range of cooling capacities.

• High COP and low energy costs give low total life cost
• Unique design gives 100,000 hrs bearing life
• Can be serviced and maintained “in-situ”
• Compact design

• Semi hermetic single screw design
• Optimised for R134a, R407C & R22
• Suction strainer
• Capacity control system (2 built in solenoid valves)
• Discharge stop valve
• Internal relief valve
• Integral oil separator (HSS 3100 & 3200)
• Flanged oil separator (HSS 4200)
• Discharge check valve
• Suction flange with tail and joint
• Liquid injection adaptor
• Sight glass (x2)
• Oil charge
• 2 pole electric motor with high temperature protection
• Electronic protection (INT 69TM)

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