Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

We provide a comprehensive range of commercial products specifically designed by J & E Hall and manufactured within our own group facilities.  Commercial condensing units can be used with confidence in applications from supermarkets to cold stores and cooling applications in medical facilities.  Our range of cellar coolers are perfect for wine and beers cellars and can be used to extend the life of perishable goods.  J & E Hall commercial refrigeration products are supported by a network of UK distributors who all offer full sales and technical support.


New EVI Condensing Unit model launched

The new low temperature JEHS-1150-B4-L-3 commercial condensing unit from J & E Hall uses EVI...

twin evi
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Fusion Reciprocating Commercial Condensing Units

Designed for commercial refrigeration applications, the Fusion reciprocating range of condensing...

view of a fusion reciprocating commercial condensing units with an inside view of the inner workings.
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Fusion Scroll Commercial Condensing Units

The extremely efficient Fusion Scroll commercial condensing units are the perfect solution for...

close up view of a J&E Hall compressor.
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Digital Single Scroll Commercial Condensing Units

With a capacity up to 16kW the single scroll is an ideal solution for convenience stores,...

view of J&E Hall fusion scroll digital range condensing unit on a faded background.
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Digital Twin Scroll Commercial Condensing Units

Following the success of the 12HP digital twin scroll condensing unit, J & E Hall has developed...

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JCC Cellar Coolers

The JCC cellar cooler range provides cost effective and reliable units designed to maintain...

view of a J&E Hall JCC cellar cooler unit on a faded background.
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Twin Cellar Coolers

To complement the JCC range J & E Hall offer a range of  twin cellar cooler systems which...

view of J&E Hall twin cellar coolers on a faded background.
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Ambient Beer Cooler

The J & E Hall ambient beer cooler uses outdoor ambient air to help keep cellars cool and save...

J&E Hall cooler unit on a faded background used to showcase J&E Hall's ambient beer cooler unit.
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AW and PMcA

RAC Cooling Awards achievement

Adam Walker, one of J & E Hall’s first year apprentices has taken the...

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R404A refrigerant phase out ban comes into force 1st Jan...

J & E Hall offer comprehensive support to assist customers in the food...

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WES annonces UK's Top 50 Women in Engineering 2019

In celebration of International Women in Engineering Day 2019, the...

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Key role for J & E Hall units at supermarket

J & E Hall commercial condensing units are providing the cooling for a new...

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J & E Hall units impress in fishing industry project

J & E Hall commercial condensing units featured in a major project to...

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New Fusion 0115 Low Temperature Condensing Units

J & E Hall has launched new low temperature units to add to the existing...

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