J & E Hall units impress in fishing industry project

J & E Hall commercial condensing units featured in a major project to future-proofed facilities for the fishing industry at Whitehaven's historic harbour in Cumbria. The units are providing the cooling for three cold rooms in the fish hall at the North Quay inner basin. The hall is used mainly for the short-term storage of catches by boats operating in the Irish Sea. The vast bulk of the catch is shellfish, with the remainder flatfish and whitefish. Bait is also stored on site.
The refrigeration equipment, operating on R449A was installed by Carlisle-based Refrigeration (Mitton) Ltd. The J & E Hall units were two JEHS 0250-B2-M3 and two JEHS 0200-B2-MS Fusion Scroll Commercial Condensing Units supplied by refrigeration equipment wholesalers FSW.
The initial part of the job was to dismantle the existing cold rooms, decommission the refrigeration systems and remove them from the site. The next step was to carry out groundworks to prepare for the construction of the new panelling and goal-post protection. The new cold rooms were installed and we then added all the new refrigeration equipment and the control panels. The final part of the contract was to relocate an ice-flaking machine to operate above the new freezer room which would allow the flaked ice to drop via a chute to storage bins within the freezer room.
Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners Chief Executive Celia MacKenzie explained that the use of the fish hall had declined over the years due to changing commercial fishing practices. She said: "We still needed the chillers but by the time the compressors had got to about 14 years old they were gasping their last breath and we had to do something.”
A feasibility study funded by the West of Morecambe Fishing Fund, sponsored by big windfarms in the northern Irish Sea off Barrow-in-Furness, led to the project to revamp the fish hall and the surrounding area.
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